What is MAP

A new emphasis has emerged in economic and medical research on personal wellbeing - the cognitive, behavioral, emotional and physical health of the individual - and ways to improve it. Although there are obvious benefits to wellbeing and there is, today, a far greater focus on the impact of wellbeing on the individual and society as a whole, depressive disorders continue to grow and have already become the second leading cause of disability worldwide.

Compounding this challenge in public health are trends like media and technology, which have rapidly converged to increase the stress of modern life. In this context we believe everyone needs a reliable resource to encourage happiness and wellbeing.

Organizations too need an affordable way to measure and promote wellbeing to improve both individual and organizational productivity; and governments need the same, with depression forecasted by the World Health Organization to be a pandemic by 2020.

We are a technology, life-science and information services company that was founded specifically to address these challenges and trends and to provide a web-based, scientifically-validated set of applications and systems that measure and improve individual wellbeing in real time.


Our founder, Zephyr Bloch-Jorgensen has had a lifelong interest in helping people fulfill their potential for a better life. Graduating with a Master of Laws from the University of Sydney, and with a keen interest in natural justice and equity, he went on to advise leaders of State Government and soon started focusing on the role of wellbeing in society. In the early 2000s he encapsulated many of his thoughts in a book entitled Map: Living a Centered Life which started an initiative to encourage people to think more deeply about their lives and the way they might improve them. The emergence of the internet as a universal delivery mechanism with wide-spread accessibility provided the perfect opportunity to bring the ideas to a wider audience and led directly to the forming of MAP.
During the latter stages of completing the book and during the early stages of forming the company, a small group of individuals who had been positively affected by the philosophy, and who had relevant and complementary skills, brought their expertise to the project with a clear and cohesive vision to get the initiative under way. Today, our organization includes individuals from a wide variety of disciplines including software engineers, design and development architects, business development and management professionals, academic and practitioner scientists; all focused on providing the best possible outcome for the users of our products and services

Associated Partnerships & Projects

In addition to our core business, we are also involved in, and will continue to be involved in, associated partnerships and projects that broaden the company's reach in all aspects of wellbeing.

One such project, for example, is Resilience in Young People. The study builds on an existing network of researchers, brought together by the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN), to investigate ways in which resilience develops in young people in situations of stress or adversity and in different social contexts. Some of the long-term research goals that are aligned with MAP's own objectives are:

  1. To understand how resilience develops in young people from different cultures, and the factors that contribute to their resilience;
  2. To investigate the biological, social ecological and psychological resources associated with resilience in professionals who promote the health of youth in different settings;
  3. To use the emerging knowledge to enhance support systems and design appropriate interventions for both groups in due course.

There are many other projects in which we are taking an active part which are as diverse as providing wellbeing support through the use of MAP: Living a Centered Life to a US detention center as part of their ongoing counseling initiative, to the provision of recycled technology to schools in need in India to provide the students with the ability to attain a higher educational standard. We will continue to get actively involved in these and other projects where we feel that our support will positively affect personal wellbeing.

Looking Forward

We are an organization committed to public health and specifically to achieving health equity for the betterment of all. Our products and services will evolve over time and we anticipate that they will be a significant contributor to national and international health programs in the coming years.



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© 2010 - 2018