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Welcome to Vantagepoint

Vantagepoint is a unique tool, which enables your organization to be a prosperous and fulfilling place to work. Vantagepoint will help the people in your organization to increase their well-being and establish a shared vision across your organization.

Vantagepoint will help your organization and its people to become
  • Vision-centered
  • Values-driven
  • Committed to employee fulfillment, customer care, and inspired results

Vantagepoint Outcomes

  • Drive productivity by generating a greater level of well-being in your organization
  • Develop connectedness within your organization by creating alignment between the employee’s values and your organization’s values
  • Increase alignment between your organization’s current culture and the cultural values it desires
  • Establish a shared vision across your entire organization
  • Improve stakeholder value

Vantagepoint Will

We are constantly improving Vantagepoint to be as intuitive to use as possible and we are committed to enabling your company to achieve extraordinary outcomes. The tool is customizable and can be adapted to suit the unique needs of your organization.

Why use Vantagepoint?

In the world's leading organizations stakeholder value is largely based on intangibles, the most significant being cultural capital. At Google, consistently voted number one as America’s best place to work, the culture has always been at the forefront of management’s priorities. At Google culture preceded wealth. The Google culture was present from the beginning when founders Sergei and Larry worked in a friend’s garage and hired a chef to feed the team with “big” barbeques. At Starbucks, the rich culture created by founder Howard Shultz was critical to the company’s success. When Howard left Starbucks so did the culture. The stock price reflected that shift in priorities by falling over 50% in one year. On returning to the company to rescue it Howard said he wanted to restore Starbucks’ values. The share price increased overnight by 9 per cent and now continues a renewed ascent.

The work of researchers like Peter Senge from MIT, author of the Fifth Discipline, and Jim Collins and Jerry Porras from Stanford, co-authors of Built to Last, demonstrate that culture is paramount. It is not so much what your organization does but HOW it does it.

Employees are inspired by an organization that will support them in their personal and professional growth. People are uplifted and energized by a company which is a rewarding place to work, engages sustainable development and is socially responsible. Employees want to feel a sense of alignment between their personal values and their organization's values. Similarly, customers now question the impact of company policies on the environment and on economic and social sustainability. When customers have a choice, they choose to purchase products from companies who share their values.

How does Vantagepoint work?


Vantagepoint works on the insight that each company is a unique ecosystem. Because every company is unique, every company has its own particular strengths vulnerabilities, opportunities and challenges. Vantagepoint can identify your company’s uniqueness and help to build a culture around that uniqueness - the mark of all great organizations.

Through a short set of powerful questions, each employee will provide their own perspective of the organization, in particular, the gap between current reality and the destined vision for your organization. It will examine areas like your operations, product, team and market. And it will provide custom keys to empower each employee to help close the gap from the point of view of their own perception and reality, and develop a shared vision relevant to the entire organization.

The results are then bundled together with the results of every other employee and presented in a real-time multi-layered picture so that you can look into your organization from different perspectives, from the perspective of sales all the way up to perspective of stakeholder. Planning, together with individual and organizational development is made possible on a new exciting scale. Vantagepoint can empower your company to close the gap between its vision and its current reality, performance can be improved and strengths capitalized.


Vantagepoint can also increase the well-being of the individuals in your organization. Each employee is invited to do a personal meta-analysis. The meta-analysis provides unique insights into a person’s life and provides keys to increase personal well-being. Each result is encrypted and secure and only accessible by the employee who did the report.

After the personal reports are completed, they are collated automatically at the click of a button and a global report is generated for the entire organization. You can measure the well-being of the organization and identify opportunities for making the workplace happier, more confident and cohesive. Performance is tracked so a company can follow its development, identify which initiatives work and act on those insights.
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© 2010 - 2018