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Like a tree, every organism relies on symmetry and balance in order to flourish. We are no different. For both individuals and societies, a profound dimension of wellbeing and what it means to be centered awaits discovery. This short and profound book will introduce you to this dimension and what it means to live a centered and flourishing life.

A companion-guide, Map speaks to the universal aspirant in every one of us to achieve a full and happy life. Every read releases new truths, fresh insights, and renewal. Whether you are new to self-discovery or a seasoned traveller, Map will kindle inspiration and clarify what is intrinsic and valuable to the odyssey of living.

Z.T. Bloch-Jorgensen has had a lifelong interest in helping people fulfil their potential for a better life. With a focus on ethics and justice, he advised leaders of government. In the early 2000s he shifted his focus to wellbeing and started a web-based technology and life-sciences company, which provides scientifically-validated applications and systems that measure and improve individual and societal wellbeing.

"It's not ethics or philosophy, it's just about survival, not from the point of view of fear but from successful living." The Economic Times

"Maybe one of the most brilliant minds of this century." The Asian Age

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