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Happiness, Wellbeing

There's more to life than just money. It's also about feeling connected, curiosity, being motivated, experiencing awe and so much more.
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The Science

Happiness and wellbeing aren't just nice ideas. Scientists are understanding how they're achieved and the benefits you gain from them.
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How MAP works

MAP is your GPS for happiness and wellbeing. Look under the lid to discover how it helps you find where you're at and reach your destination quickly.
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How to get there

It's like a GPS for happiness.
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Unique program

MAP is built on a unique understanding of Happiness and Wellbeing, mechanisms and algorithmic analysis.
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Smart tool

Instantly feel happier and better about your life with MAP. It's easy to put in practice, when you want, wherever you are.
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No Cost

Happiness and wellbeing are priceless. They should be available to everyone. So we've made MAP free for you.
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Your destination

Learn about the science. And how MAP helps you to flourish.

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World Wellbeing

We are the world. People everywhere are using MAP right now. This % number is their collective wellbeing. It's updated in real-time. So when you're happier and feel better about your life, so does the world.

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© 2010 - 2018